News & Press Releases

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02/12/2019 News Winter Storm Closings 2/12/19
11/15/2018 News Holly Star Premiere Event
10/22/2018 News Mobile Exclusive: Free Popcorn Size Upgrade
09/06/2018 News Tix
08/21/2018 News MCU Film Festival Line-Up
06/07/2018 News Special Father's Day Promotion!
05/04/2018 News Special Mother's Day Promotion!
03/21/2018 News The Year of Video Game Movies
03/13/2018 News St. Patrick's Day at Cinemagic
02/01/2018 News Valentine's Day 2018
01/31/2018 News Black Panther Infographic
01/09/2018 News Cinemagic Guide to the Movies
01/08/2018 News Cult Classics Cinepass
01/04/2018 News Winter Weather Closings 2018
12/05/2017 News Prepare for Star Wars: The Last Jedi!
12/01/2017 News The Cute Side of Star Wars
11/09/2017 News Happy Veterans Day!
11/08/2017 News Unite the League
10/31/2017 News Cinemagic Horror Movies Infographic Part 2
09/12/2017 News South Portland Renovation
09/12/2017 News Dollar Day at Westbrook!
09/06/2017 News IT Infographic
08/11/2017 News Cinemagic Candy Infographic
07/07/2017 News Westbrook Reserved Seating
07/06/2017 News Spider-Man Infographic
06/14/2017 News Despicable Me 3 Infographic
05/30/2017 News Wonder Woman Infographic
05/19/2017 News Cinemagic App Overview
05/17/2017 News Cinemagic Mobile App
05/11/2017 News Guardians of the Galaxy Infographic
05/09/2017 News Cinemagic Questionnaire
04/27/2017 News Wicked Ticket Wednesdays
03/16/2017 News It's March Movie Madness at Cinemagic
01/30/2017 News Cinemagic Popcorn Infographic
12/30/2016 News 2017 Red Cross Blood Drives
10/26/2016 News Cinemagic Horror Movies Infographic
07/25/2016 News Merrimack Theater Renovations
07/19/2015 News Pixels Premiere Event
03/18/2015 News Cinemagic Takes a Seat!
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