Prepare for Star Wars: The Last Jedi!


Hey all you Cinemagicians out there!

We know many of you have purchased tickets in advance for Thursday/Friday/Saturday screenings of Star Wars. Here’s a few things to remember to make your visit with us more enjoyable during what's expected to be a very busy weekend:

You can pick up your tickets as soon as we open our doors the day of your screening. Or you have a copy on your mobile device because you bought your tickets on the Cinemagic App.

Buying a ticket in advance guarantees you a seat, but not the seat of your choice. So, especially if you’re in a group, try to be at the theater about 30 minutes prior to the show. Several Cinemagic theaters offer reserved seating at the time of purchase. If you’re in a group of people make sure you’re buying your tickets in one transaction so that you may guarantee you’re all sitting together when selecting your reserved seats. Because of the anticipated high volume of patrons, we still encourage those with reserved seats to arrive 30 minutes early to make sure you have enough time to get your popcorn and drinks before the show.

You are all encouraged to dress in costumes for opening weekend of Star Wars. BUT, we ask that you leave ALL masks and costume accessories (lightsabers, large bags, nerf/water/toy guns, etc.) at home. If you bring any masks or costume accessories into our facilities you will be asked to return it to your vehicle.

If you have any questions or concerns not referenced in the above information please contact your local theater. Contact information for each theater can be found on our website: by clicking “Theaters and Showtimes” and selecting your local theater.

Wise you are, for reading this. May the force be with you!

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